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    5 Home Invasion Stories You Must Hear

    Posted on March 10,2015

    Getting robbed inside the comfort of your own home is probably at the top of the list of the most terrifying things you can encounter. God forbid, but can you imagine the horror of sleeping at your house and being suddenly waked up by a random person asking for your money and belongings while being held at gunpoint? Some ended brutally, some took a turn on a weirder side, and others just made you scratch your head. We’ve all watched crime shows and we’ve all heard countless stories of these kinds of situations. Here are some for each type that will make you extra careful.

    “Coming back”

    Robber - Secure Your Home

    One random night in an undisclosed location in South East Asia, a man was robbed by 2 men. The suspects, while being masked, put a gun to his head, asked for his money, clothes, and gadgets. The 2 also threatened him not to call the police. They then left once they got everything they wanted. The victim, who knew almost everyone in their area, recognized one of them due to the distinctive voice. Unafraid of the threats, he alerted his neighbours and the police the next day. The robbers got hold of the news and were furious. They came back a few nights after and almost beat him to his death.

    The Freeloader”

    Break In - Sydney Home Security

    Joyce King, an 84-year-old woman from Brooklyn, New York, has lived alone for several years. During holidays, she would go to her relatives to celebrate and whatnot. In December of 2011, a man figured that it was the perfect time to invade her home. The breaking and entering was not meant to rob King, rather to literally live in her home. Upon investigation, it was concluded the man eat, slept, and played video games during his “stay,” which was approximately 1 week (From Christmas to New Year’s). Neighbours said they heard noises every day but assumed that it was just King.


    “The Flat Screen TV”

    Flat Screen Robber

    In Delaware, USA, a man was walking home after going out for a quick bite. When he reached his building, he came across a man that asked for his help to carry out a Flat Screen TV in the street. He nicely obliged but realized right away that this was his own TV. He then run, glanced at his door, and saw it still opened. The resident immediately called 911, and chased the burglar. The man was caught and the TV was brought back to the apartment.


    “The Mother”

    Shotgun - Sydney Home Security

    An 18-year-old Mother in Oklahoma, USA was alone in her home in the middle of the night taking care of her 3-month old baby when she noticed that two intruders are trying to break in. She got up, grabbed her shotgun and called 911. Scared for her and her baby’s life, she asked the operator if she can shoot the burglars if they get in. “I can’t tell you what to do but do what you have to do to protect your baby,” the operator said. The 2 eventually got in and the Mother instantly shot one of them and he died on the spot. The Oklahoma police did not charged her with any crime and was ruled as a justified killing.

    “Dirty Boxers and Bottom Dentures”

    A burglar in California, USA entered a random house and took “strange burglary” up another notch. According to one of the home’s residents, whoever it was that entered their home, ate their chips, stole a whole stack of maternity jeans, and left dirty boxers and bottom dentures in their dining table. Her Mother, who was upstairs, said that she did not hear anything.  The whole family stated that they were amazed that the dog, who barked at almost everyone, didn’t seem to bark when everything was happening.

    Whether it’s a robber that will come back to assault you for calling the police, or a strange freeloader who just wants to eat and sleep at your house for free, it’s a necessity to have an alarm system, especially in this day and age.

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