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    10 Affordable yet Effective Tricks to Protect Your Property from Burglary

    Posted on March 10,2015

    Most criminals today doesn’t rely that much on “forced entry” as the noise may attract unwanted attention from passersby or your neighbours. Mostly these experts rely in their victims’ lack of common sense and neglectful attitude to ensure a successful break in and theft. Review the setup of your home; are there telltale signs that you may be giving burglars the go signal to trench on your property? Try to get into their psyche and see how you can prevent possible break-ins with these affordable yet effective tricks:

     1. Secure Your Yard

    Trim those overgrown hedges and tall shrubs. Untrimmed tall grasses, hedges & shrubswelcome burglars to invade your property. It’s like offering them an irresistible instant, easy to find hiding spot. Additionally, tryto cut away any tall branches of trees that can be used as a leverage into getting into your windows or balconies.

    2. Consult a Third Party Consultant for a Second Opinion (Or take advantage of our free site security assessment by clicking here.)

    Ask for the services of a security expert to assess the safety of your property, this way you will be able to hear from a different & an unbiased perspective. Instead of paying for a one-time fee to assess your home, which can be expensive, it would be best to take advantage of our free security assessment so you can know what internal and external security measures we can provide for your home.

    3. Make Sure Your Mirrors Are Properly Placed

    Most homeowners place decorative mirrors in random places within their home, unconsciously allowing burglars and crooks to easily identify supposed-to-be-hidden-spots by the reflection bouncing off the mirror. They can alsocheck and monitor if your alarm system is turned on. Go outside and check if your pretty mirrors make your home vulnerable to a break-in. Don’t make it easy for them!

    4. If it snows, Drive!

    When you are out on a family vacation during winter, have someone go over your yard and create car tracks or footsteps constantly. Untouched snow is an easy sign that your home is an easy target.

     5. Never leave those flyers on your doorstep.

    Most burglars leave flyers on your doorstep and keeps a close watch on how fast those flyers are collected giving them a timetable on the best time to attack your home either when you’re at work or at home. When you’re at home, never let those flyers pile up. And when you’re at work or away on a vacation, have someone collect them for you.

    6. Toughen those door jambs

    Assess the doors inside and outside your home. Are there weaker spots compared to the others? Do you double check if your dead bolts are securely lockedwhen you go to bed or when you close a room? Have your doors assessed & fixed or replaced to withstand possible forced entry by possible intruders. Most burglars rely on breaking in your door easily for the first time since your neighbors won’t be that alarmed if a single noise is heard.

    7. Create a Safe Hiding Place for your Valuables

    Burglars know that it is not wise to spend too much time unlatching a vault. If your vault is not installed on the ground, it’s more likely that the burglar will just take it with him or her.

    Your home is a blueprint no one can possibly know more than you. Try installing hidden cabinets and doors where you can place your most important valuables.

    8. Install a Home Alarm System

    The more control and vision you have over your home, the more you will feel safe. Have Steady State Solutions install a cost-effective alarm system for your home. Make sure that those cameras are placed where the burglars will realise that every nook and cranny of your home is being watched. Sydney State Solutions has a wide range of home security alarm systems that can be tailor fitted for your specifications. For more information, click here.

    9. Make DIYs your friend

    DIYs are quite special since they can create innovative and unique solutions that you can customize according to your needs. Prevent those windows from being pried open by securing them with DIY metal clamps or wood dowels. The only risk of DIY equipment is that durability & quality cannot be assured as it will depend on how you created the object.

    10. Be discreet

    When you plan to go for a prolonged vacation, do not advertise or broadcast where you are going and for how long your vacation is on your social media accounts. It is enough to just notify your relatives and a few neighbours that you can trust. Social Media is an easy medium for break-in experts.

    To be consistently vigilant of the parameters of your home it is key to ensure that you are creating a safe space for you and your family.

    Your common sense is more amenable and is cheaper than sending your insurance costs to the roof and investing in home fixtures brought on by not taking the time to do simple precautions for your home’s safety. Make sure that your family & your property is not an easy target. Create and maintain your safe space now.

    Steady State Solutions now offers a free site security assessment. Call us now at (02) 9642 4793 or 0421 204 003. You can also fill our contact form to enquire today!

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