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    Have a Fool-proof Security Cover with Home Alarm Systems in Sydney

    Posted on June 3,2015

    Protecting your loved ones from break-ins and burglary by installing home alarm systems in Sydney is definitely as important as providing them all the comforts of life. In fact, studies have shown that homes in Australia with alarm systems switched on recorded less than 1% of total thefts. Now that is definitely food for thought and should act as an incentive for installing residential alarm systems.

    The most common points of entry to a house by a robber are the doors and windows so it is these that should be secured first. Alarm kits for doors and windows have small thin pieces of magnets that can be attached to the outer frames. Once a door or window is forced open, the magnetic circuit is broken and a loud 100Db alarm is triggered. Another type is motion sensors which can be placed at vulnerable points in the house. Any movement sets off flashing lights and sound in a base unit which can be anywhere within 30 ft radius of the sensors. Back to base alarm monitoring should be an integral part of home alarm systems in Sydney. Security experts monitor your home round the clock and any break-in or fire triggers an alarm at their control room. You will be immediately informed of the incident for necessary action.

    If you are looking for a reputed security service provider in Sydney offering top of the line residential alarm systems, give us a call. Steady State Solutions have been in the security industry since 2002 and have consistently fulfilled client’s requirements within given budgets. We have a team of trained and highly skilled technicians who will customise security solutions based on what you should have. Our back to base alarm monitoring will give you peace of mind round the clock. Contact us for a free assessment of your security needs.

  • Nick Nicolaos

    It’s fascinating how remote innovation can help to make windows and entryways in a home more secure. It’s fantastic to have such security control system in home. this will help to secure home from anywhere.

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