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    Install top of the line Australian Security Systems

    Posted on May 29,2015

    Securing your loved ones from any harm should be the topmost priority in your life, much more than providing them with the usual comforts of life. And the only way to do so is to install top of the line Australian security systems in your home and live a carefree life. A total network has three components –

    • Intercom system – Audio-video intercom systems help to keep tab on all rooms in a house, especially where there are children and the elderly. When fitted outside the main door, you can see who is calling and keep the door shut on unwanted visitors.

    intercom system

    • Surveillance cameras – Surveillance cameras are the eyes of a security network. Indoor cameras are available in both wired and wireless versions. The latter can be kept at vulnerable places and are available in high resolution low to no light video footage versions. Outdoor cameras have a wide range of coverage and are fitted to the external walls of a house. Their very presence act as a deterrent for would be burglars.

    surveillance cameras

    • Back to base alarm monitoring system – Most Australian security systems providers have back to base alarm monitoring system. The security network of the house is linked to a control room manned by professionals. Any break-in or untoward event in your house triggers an alarm at the control room. You will be informed immediately of it, whether you are in your home or away.

    back to base alarm monitoring system If you want the best Australian security systems for your home, get in touch with Steady State Solutions. They offer the latest security equipment at very affordable prices and have been in this field since 2002. Once you call them for initial consultations, they will inspect your home and recommend systems that will suit all your requirements and yet be within your budget. Install a security system and get the peace of mind you so richly deserve.

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