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    Installing Home Security Cameras in Sydney

    Posted on July 9,2015

    There are a lot of benefits in installing home security cameras in Sydney. First it has deterrent value. A bullet shaped outdoor camera fitted to the external wall of a house discourages potential robbers and thieves. Secondly, it might not be able to catch the intruder but the footage captured helps to solve the crime. Next, when linked to back to base alarm monitoring, it instantly alerts the control room of any movement in the premises. And lastly, installing home security cameras in Sydney has a priceless advantage, it gives peace of mind that your loved ones are safe and protected from any harm.

    An outdoor security camera has a bullet shape and lenses that have a wide and long field of vision, enough to monitor large estates and gardens. It can also capture images in low to zero light conditions. Similarly, an indoor CCTV camera too can take photos in poor light conditions. It is usually dome shaped and fitted flush with the ceiling to escape detection by burglars. The advanced cameras have motion sensors embedded in them. Any movement triggers them off. This factor saves valuable disc space in the recorder as against continuous recording. Further, the latest wireless indoor cameras can be placed facing vulnerable areas of the house like outer doors and windows, thereby increasing security levels.

    One of the top security service providers in Sydney is Steady State Solutions. We have been in business since 2002 and have successfully installed the latest home security cameras in Sydney. Any indoor CCTV camera set up by us has the latest features that technology has to offer. Our control room for back to base alarm monitoring has state of the art equipment and is manned round the clock by top security professionals. Give us a call and we will secure your home with a foolproof security network.

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