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    Outdoor Home Security Cameras – Key to your Home Safety Cover

    Posted on July 21,2015

    It is true that home security cameras cannot stop a break-in unlike sensors that induce high pitched alarms when tampered with. Yet, images from CCTV cameras play a crucial role in later criminal investigations. They even trigger alarms in back to base monitoring systems and give immediate warning in case of a burglary.

    Outdoor home security cameras are the first line of defence and a key component in home safety cover. These bullet shaped cameras are covered in weather proof casing that prevent dust and dirt from affecting the lenses and withstand extreme temperatures. The lenses are specially made to bring under surveillance large outdoor areas and can capture video footage in low to zero light conditions. Crucially, a visible outdoor camera fitted to the external wall of a home acts as a deterrent to potential robbers who would prefer to leave alone a house where security systems are installed.

    Apart from these specific outdoor home security cameras general outdoor surveillance cameras can be seen in most public places. These include airports, hotels, restaurants, shopping centres, schools, and traffic intersections. Cameras that monitor traffic are fitted on poles and controlled by an operator. Popularly known as PTZ cameras these are motorized and can be tilted to cover all portions of a road.

    Since outdoor home security cameras are such an integral part of home security it is advisable to call top security providers for installation. Steady State Solutions in Sydney is one of them. We have been in this field since 2002 and have a wide base of very satisfied clientele. They have entrusted us with setting up top of the line security systems including home surveillance cameras, audio-video intercoms and alarm monitoring network. Our team of security experts will evaluate your requirements and put in place security hardware that will optimise your safety requirements.

  • Nick Nicolaos

    Excellent blog, you shared very useful security appliances about home security. I think front and back CCTV is most important area for home security system.

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