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    Security Camera Installation in Sydney

    Posted on June 24,2015

    Did you know that homes that have gone for security camera installation in Sydney report lesser incidence of robberies and burglaries than unprotected homes? In fact, the very sight of an outdoor CCTV camera fitted to the outer wall is enough to deter break-ins. A total security cover will have both outdoor and indoor CCTV camera covering all corners of a home.

    The most common outdoor CCTV cameras are bullet shaped with the lenses fixed in an all-weather casing. They have a wide range of coverage, enough to monitor a large garden or estate. The cameras can capture images in low to zero light conditions. An indoor CCTV camera on the other hand is dome shaped and is fitted flush with the ceiling to avoid detection. The more advanced ones are wireless and video footage from them can be accessed from any remote location on any Internet enabled device. It can also track the surroundings in low light settings.

    When you go for security camera installation in Sydney, have it linked up with a back to base alarm monitoring system of the security hardware provider. Your home will be under round the clock surveillance and you will be immediately informed of any untoward incident.

    If you are looking for world class premium protection for your loved ones, get in touch with Steady State Solutions. We have been providing advanced home security systems and CCTV cameras since 2002 and have a very satisfied client base. Our control room for back to base alarm monitoring system is manned 24zx7 by highly trained security professionals. Before installing a system, we will inspect your premises and recommend the security cover that will be just right for you – all within your budget. Call us now to fully secure your home.

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