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About Steady State Solutions
The heightened threat perception in today’s world has made installation of state of the art security equipment an indispensable part of any domestic or commercial establishment. Steady State Solutions offers technologically advanced security systems that protect your assets from burglary or any other untoward incident.

The company offers the latest CCTV cameras that can record video footage in low to zero light conditions. You can choose between wired and the slightly costlier wireless versions. They will also install burglar alarms at vulnerable points in the house as well as simple audio or audio-video intercom systems that help to monitor activities throughout the premises.

Steady State Solutions provides back to base alarm systems. Any burglary, break-in or fire and smoke sets off an alarm in a central control room manned by professional security personnel of the company who will in turn immediately inform you of the incident. If you are out of town, you can issue follow up instructions to them.

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Today, Steady State Solutions are industry leaders in this field.

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