Intercom Systems

High Quality Security Intercom Systems in Sydney

What is an Intercom System and What It Can Do For You?

An Intercom System is electrical system allowing either a one way or two way communication in a localized setting. Some intercom systems are limited to audio or video dialogue while others utilize both. An Intercom System may be used to allow unlimited access to entry points inside a building or to maintain constant security surveillance for home owners or business owners. Intercom systems are proven indispensable tools in ensuring the safety of a community, a business or a local home while others find it as a convenient tool for immediate communication from different areas of one specific location.

Types of Intercom System:

– Standard Wireless Intercom/ Audio Intercom Units – Wireless Intercom Units are the simplest of all types. This type of Intercom connects and affirms connection over sound waves.  Though considered as the cheapest and widely known, audio intercom systems are also the weakest type of intercom system if exclusive security protection is what you are looking for.

– Audio & Video Intercom System – Home Intercom Services work with security as the highest priority. Local tradesmen find it as a good medium to monitor areas of business while parents use it to monitoring their children. In a home setting, Audio-Video Intercom System may be used to filter expected home visitors, relatives and friends aside from unwanted passer bys without having to open the door since this type of Intercom System has a built on microphone, buzzer and camera that can be conveniently placed on reception units of the house. This enables the home owner to have a conversation with the outsider within the confines of his or her house.

Why Should You Invest in an Intercom System?

There are two important reasons on why you should invest in a good Intercom System. One is to allow immediate access to the ones that matter. Second is to prevent unwanted visitors and possible burglars to gain access to your private domain. The main priority of installing these devices is of course, the owner’s safety. Sydney State Solutions offers different types of Intercom Systems that can be customized for your home.